Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Quick Update...

Hello there, everyone. Sorry I haven't posted much lately; exams are really forcing me to hunker down and work my butt off in order to keep my pretty decent grades. I wrote calculus yesterday (we're all hoping the professor bell-curves that one!), and tomorrow is Geology. I'll be heading back to my parent's tomorrow after the exam to spend a few days there, then I'll be back in Hamilton Sunday night for my last exam on Monday morning. Then after that, its the holidays!

Didn't mean to ramble much about my personal schedule there, but ah well. Anyways. In terms of magickal happenings and experience, there hasn't been a whole lot; I've kept up with the Lesson 1 Oak & Mistletoe visualization and I'm gradually getting there. I'm able to reproduce the smells and the tastes in my nose and on my tongue - at first, its a little unsettling. But after a while you get used to it and eventually it sort of becomes a cheerful surprise. Meditating on other things is also becoming commonplace in my routine; YouTube has a lot of nice guided visualizations and meditations that really help strengthen those relaxation and concentration muscles!

Also, I am in the process of writing a solitary Yule ritual. I've never done this before, but it should be fun! My family plans in partaking in the burning of a Yule log as well as a general observation of the solstice; I'm going to convince mom to make up a nice dinner on the 21st to further the celebration! I'm not sure when I'll do my actual ritual, however; I may end up doing it this Saturday. My boyfriend is coming home with me for a few days on the 21st, and while he knows about my faith, I don't know if its fair to ask him to partake in ritual. I think it'd be interesting, but if he doesn't want to thats entirely his choice. So, as previously stated, Saturday seems like a wonderfully feasible option to celebrate Yule in terms of a formal ritual. I think I'll post whatever ritual I write here (it may be a modification of one that already exists; either way, I'll let you know) so everyone can see what I've done. I might also take a photo of the ritual space, which I plan on being outside! :D

Anyways, hope everyone's holiday season is starting to shape up wonderfully. Smiles and blessings!


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