Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hey there.

Welcome to Moonlight Flights, the blog of Skyhawk - a young Canadian Witch with a love of all things aviation, nature, photography and science.

I'm currently a student of the Inclusive tradition of Wicca. I have been of a Pagan mindset for five years now but have decided to solidify my path with the Inclusive tradition through the teachings of Oak & Mistletoe coven's teaching school. It is my intent for this blog to not only become the required Dreams, Meditations, Visualizations and Nature journal for the course but also to become a place for my musings on living the Pagan life. Whether it be how the planet and universe speak to me or what I learn from the Goddess herself, it'll all come here.

Besides my path, I'm thoroughly interested in aviation, horses, photography, music and science. Occasionally, some of that stuff might pop up here as well.

Regardless, thanks for stopping by! Blessings!


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