Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stress stress stress.

Managing stress is becoming incredibly higher up on my priority list. Right now, I'm on a quick break from the hell that is studying for my chemistry final tomorrow; I'm passing the course (barely, which is entirely unlike me), but I want more than just a passing grade. I want to show that I am as good at this stuff as I used to be; but the studying is getting to me! I find my head is absolutely throbbing and its just feeling like a mess of information is not sitting right in there.

In other words, I'm close to giving up. But I know I can't. Tonight I will ask the Goddess to bless me and keep me strong when I go to write one of the hardest tests I ever have tomorrow, but I know I cannot rely on her completely. For now, while I sit here at my desk, I can sit back and do some calming visualizations to center myself and bring my energy back and focussed. Nothing can replace review and stud. Coffee, though helps too!

Anyways, thought I would give a quick update. I will hopefully be doing a nature journal post soon, as I've noticed some wonderful things these past few days, but right now I'm concentrated on getting through this final. Wish me luck!


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